Virtually Anywhere 2021 Webinar for Junior & Senior High School Teachers 中学高校教員向けウェビナー


Why teach real world content to students?

A National Geographic Learning event

Sunday October 17th 2021年1017日(日曜日)

Recommended for: Teachers of English to Junior and Senior High School students

この度、中学・高等学校でお教えの先生方を対象としたウェビナーを開催いたします。テーマは「変化の激しい時代を生き抜く力 ― Why teach real world content to students?」です。激しく変化するこの時代を乗り越えていく上で、未来を担うティーンエージャーに、是非身につけていただきたい力のひとつとして、「多様な観点から考えつつ自らの考えを相手に伝える能力」を挙げることができるかと思います。


This free webinar for junior and senior high school teachers will examine ways to help your students succeed in the modern world by focusing on key skills including expressing opinions, critical thinking and self-reflection.

Along with National Geographic Learning author, Carmella Lieske, and academic consultant, Will Laschet, we are pleased to welcome Takamichi Nakamura from Tokyo Metropolitan Hibiya High School to share knowledge and experience of using real world, authentic content to inspire and motivate English language learning. We look forward to welcoming you to this webinar.

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Presenters will also share activities that highlight key features of these programs and show how they make a great addition to your classroom!


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Schedule: Sunday October17th  2021年10月17日(日曜日)

Time Speaker Webinar


Webinar room opens

10:00 – 11:00

Will Laschet

It’s time to Reflect: How does authentic content help engage and motivate students to achieve their academic goals?



11:15 – 12:15

Takamichi Nakamura
中村 隆道

四技能五領域統合型の授業 〜活動的な授業による英語力の伸長〜



12:30 – 13:30

Carmella Lieske
Scaffolding for Success: Activities to Help Your Students Flourish