Be The Teacher 4 – Young Learner Seminar 2018

2018年度『Be the Teacher! 』 講演会は終了いたしました。たくさんの方に、お申込み・ご参加いただきましたことを、心より御礼申し上げます。

The event has finished. Thank you very much for atteding, and we look forward to seeing you at future events.




対 象: 小学校教員、教育委員会、塾、英会話学校関係者

Inspiring students to find their own voice in English

With big transformations coming to the way that elementary English will be taught from 2020, we want to be prepared to do the best we can for our students in readiness for these changes. This seminar will provide you with practical ideas, give you an understanding of what the new curriculum will be and show you how you can help your students so they are ready for 2020 and beyond!

For school teachers, staff, and Board of Education members

All presentations in English

講師のご紹介はこちら(東京 8月2日)      Presenters’ information (Tokyo, August 2)

共催 : 早稲田大学 情報教育研究所


講師のご紹介はこちら(大阪 8月9日)     Presenters’ information (Osaka, August 9)





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