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Recipes for Making Young Learner Classes a Success


Sunday June 13th  2021613日(日曜日)

All webinars presented in English

What the Brain Tells Us about How Children Learn

Dr. Curtis Kelly (supported by David White)

Most of what we know about the brain has been discovered in the last twenty years. We are now getting a clear view on how children learn language and what methods are the most effective. Let’s look at the factors of learning, explained in an in easy-to-understand way by one of Japan’s leading experts. He will explain the important role of emotion in learning, as well as novelty, movement, multisensory input, and the social brain.





Speaker and writer Curtis Kelly (EdD.) is a professor at Kansai University.  He has written over 30 books. His life mission is “to relieve the suffering of the classroom”.

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Always Be Curious: an ABC of Learning English

David White (supported by Curtis Kelly)

Children are naturally curious. How can we celebrate this curiosity to offer our students an enjoyable and rewarding experience when learning English? Imagine, a brand-new series from National Geographic Learning, makes it simple to introduce curious young learners to the world through easy to teach step-by-step language presentation and structured practice. Join this practical webinar to discover how bringing the real world to your classroom is now as easy as ABC!

子どもたちの好奇心を育むワクワクするような授業を!― 英語学習のABC



David White has been working with National Geographic Learning since 2011 supporting teachers across Japan. Prior to that, he taught English to primary and kindergarten students in Tokyo. Before coming to Japan, David ran an award-winning theatre company using drama as an educational tool. A keen musician and performer, he believes that creative play can help students flourish by unlocking confidence.

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Sunday June 20th  2021620日(日曜日)

Enhancing the Emotional Wellbeing of Young Learners and Teachers Through Storytelling

Alison Hasegawa and Chiyuki Yanase

Storytelling can help children, as well as adults, recognize and deal with their emotions. It can also lead to a deeper understanding of how to interact with others, as a part of our wider social-emotional development. In the present situation, more than ever, emotional wellbeing needs to be addressed and practiced, and in this webinar we will share how this can be facilitated through storytelling with both young learners and adults.


長谷川 アリソン & 梁瀬千起


Alison Hasegawa is from the UK, but since 1989 she has lived and taught in Japan. First, at primary and middle schools, and now as a teacher trainer at Miyagi University of Education. She enjoys sharing her collection of over 200 picture books with children and students whenever possible.

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Chiyuki Yanase has been teaching English to children and adults for more than 20 years. Currently, she teaches at several universities including Keio University. She holds a Master’s Degree in TESOL. Her latest research interest is teacher wellbeing. She has presented at international conferences and published her research.

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Success in Teaching Very Young Learners 

Andrew Tiffany and Gisela Murai

Very Young Learner (VYL) education is about a lot more than just teaching language.  Continuously working on childhood development and building school readiness skills are vital elements in giving VYLs a great start and a promising future.  Skilled, knowledgeable teachers with great tools are key to making this happen, and National Geographic Learning’s Welcome to Our World 2nd edition VYL program is just such a tool.  Join VYL experts Gisela and Andrew as they share key ideas, activities and resources to help you achieve success in VYL classes and schools using a program like Welcome to Our World 2nd edition.


ティファニー・アンドリュー & 村井ジセラ

幼児を対象とした英語教育では、単に英語を教えるだけにとどまりません。幼児の発達段階に合わせて教えること、そして小学校にあがるための準備をすることが、将来に向けて素晴らしいスタートを切るために重要な要素となってきます。知識と経験豊富な先生とともに、すぐれたツールがあることが重要な鍵となります。Welcome to Our World 2nd edition のプログラムは、まさにそのようなツールのひとつです。このウェビナーでは幼児対象の英語教育に通ずるジゼラとアンドリューが、Welcome to Our World 2nd editionを使った授業のアイディアやリソースをご紹介します。みなさまのクラスや学校にもお役に立てることを願っています。ぜひ奮ってご参加ください。

Andrew Tiffany is a Teacher Trainer for National Geographic Learning Asia. Andrew has over 25 years of teaching experience, 15 of which were focused on teaching and teacher training in greater China. Originally from New Zealand, he has a Masters degree and TEFL certification and has worked with both EFL learners and international school learners from PreK-12, both in English and subject content. He likes to help others develop and grow, and to work with teachers to find more and better ways of helping their students.

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ティファニー・アンドリューはNGL Asiaのティーチャートレイナーで、25年以上の教職歴をもち、うち15年は中華圏で教鞭をとり、ティーチャートレイナーとしても活動。出身はニュージーランド、教育分野で修士号とTEFLを取得し、英語学習者のみならず、インターナショナルスクールにおいて、未就園児から高校生までの英語と教科内容も指導。その経験を活かし教育者が学習者の成長を促すためのよりよいサポートをしていきたいとアジア圏で活躍中。

Gisela Murai is the owner / teacher of Gigi’s English School in Kasugai, Aichi and has been teaching English in Japan for eight years. She teaches all age groups from toddlers to older adults. Gisela has previously lived in Mozambique, Portugal, Zimbabwe, South Africa and England which has benefited her in learning the different histories, cultures and languages and helping her gain a global mindset. She is a speaker of English, Portuguese and Japanese. Her hobbies include golf and photography.

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村井ジセラは愛知県春日井市にあるGigi’s English Schoolのオーナー兼教師で日本で8年間幼児から大人まで幅広い年齢層英語を教えてい6か国(モザンビーク、ポルトガル、ジンバブエ、南アフリカ、イギリスそして日本)に住んだ経験を持ちグローバルな考え方を習得 英語、ポルトガル語、日本語を話す。 趣味はゴルフと写真撮影。 


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