Virtually Anywhere Winter Webinar 2022

Inspiring Young Minds

A National Geographic Learning teaching young learners event

Sunday January 30th 2022 | 2022130日(日曜日)

We’re excited to invite you to a webinar featuring National Geographic Explorer, Joe Grabowski, and award-winning educator, Mari Nakamura.

These two experts will share ideas on how to engage and inspire your students to succeed as English learners and global citizens. Joe will show how your school can be part of live-streamed expeditions, and Mari will introduce enjoyable and easy-to-use activities to bring the world to your classroom.

Registration is free, and all attendees will receive a free teaching puppet plus a chance to win a range of teaching materials! Sign up today!

This event has finished. Click here for information about other National Geographic Learning webinars.

この度、ナショナルジオグラフィックの探検家であるJoe Grabowski氏と英語教育分野で受賞歴のある教育者の中村麻里先生による新たなウェビナーにご招待いたします。

どちらのプレゼンターも、英語学習者及び地球市民のひとりとして成功するために学習者にどのように興味を持たせ動機づけしていくかについてのアイディアを共有致します。Joe Grabowski氏は、学校内でのライブストリーミング配信の方法を、中村麻里先生はクラスにいながら世界に視野を広げる楽しく、簡単にできるアクティビティをご紹介いたします。



“Inspiring the Next Generation of Scientists and Explorers” ~ Joe Grabowski: National Geographic Explorer

OVERVIEW OF JOE’S SESSION Video introduction
As educators, we strive to bring meaningful and relevant learning experiences to our students each day, to connect the dots between what we’re teaching and how it applies to the real world. Join educator and National Geographic Explorer Joe Grabowski as he shares the story of the unexpected turn his education career took when he began engaging his students through the stories and adventures of scientists and explorers around the world. Dive into the exciting resource that can have your students virtually exploring outside their classroom walls within the week and learn tips and tricks for engaging your students before and after these unique experiences.

“Bringing the real world to your classroom made as easy as ABC” ~ Mari Nakamura: Educator and founder of MELEP

OVERVIEW OF MARI’S SESSION    Video introduction
In this rapidly changing and interconnected world, it is critically important for us to nurture children’s curiosity for diverse cultures as well as to promote their language skills. How can we make this happen in EFL classrooms in which instruction time is extremely limited? In this presentation Mari will demonstrate how to make every step of language learning, from vocabulary building to self-expression, stimulating for young minds by tapping into their natural curiosity for the world around them.
At the end of Mari’s session, David White (National Geographic Learning) will share an overview of our exciting new 7-level series for young learners Imagine. Imagine makes it simple to introduce curious young learners to the world and everything in it with step-by-step language presentation and structured practice that give children the English they need.

SPECIAL OFFER!! All attendees will receive a free teaching puppet* and a chance to win one of these great prizes! Register today!

Schedule: Sunday January 30th 2022 | 2022年1月30日(日曜日)

10:00 – Welcome and introduction
10:15 – Mari Nakamura & David White
11:15 – Break
11:30 – Joe Grabowski
12:30 – Closing remarks
12:45 – End

All sessions presented in English.

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* Puppet will be offered to all attendees who provide mailing address in Japan through post-event survey.